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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Murdering the wounded : This morning on TV5's TeleMatin news, they showed the clip of the US soldier walking up to a wounded Iraqi, saying "Play dead!", then shooting the wounded man with his assault rifle, killing him. The soldier has been 'removed from the field' and the case is being looking into by the US military.

I have seen almost nothing on this while browsing the web. Although some may write it off as an isolated incident, I don't believe it is. Both incidents were captured on film (this latest on an NBC tape, no less), not hidden in the shadows. This soldier's actions, like those of the guards in the US military prisons who mistreated the Iraqi prisoners, occured within a social environment, within a culture, that made them seem like appropriate behavior, worthy of being committed to the official record. I am more likely to believe that this event is the tip of the iceberg.

Fortunately for the US, the likely victors in this struggle, only the loosers are held to account for their war crimes.

Update: BoingBoing has a pointer to the video