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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

FWIW, here's my theory on the brutal murder of an innocent man by UK police:

You have a group of police officers, approaching a suspect's residence, hepped up and ready to go. They are in particular frame of mind, vigilant, on the lookout for particular clues or patterns that fit their ideas about the situation.

They see someone, they yell for them to stop. (According to this article, UK police are not required to identify themselves before shooting.) This other person sees a group of men coming towards him, brandishing guns. What does he do? (What would you do?) He runs. (According to a CBC TV news report I saw last night, a friend of the victim claims he had been in an bar fight recently, and may have thought these men where part of that group.)

Once the man ran, he automatically fit into the pattern the police officers were predisposed to see. Once the suspect ran into a train, the police officers must have been fairly certain, and their training kicked in:


Seven shots to the head.

Sadly, the man was completely innocent. The behaviour that made him appear guilty was cause by the police. They are responsible for creating the situation, and for ending it.

(See also: Malcom Gladwell's Blink : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking: book, audio presentation)

UK PM Tony Blair:
Blair suggested police faced a difficult choice.

"Had the circumstances been different and had this turned out to be a terrorist, and they had failed to take that action, they would have been criticized the other way."
This comment ignores the fact that (a) the man was entirely innocent, and (b) the only indications of possible guilt were in fact caused by the police themselves. This same reasoning could be used to justify almost any atrocity.

It is also a frightening bit of logic, one that mirrors the justifications given by the US government for their preemptive invasion of Iraq. You have to ask yourself: What else are the US and UK governments prepared to do preemptively, "just in case" someone might do something bad in the future?