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Friday, September 23, 2005

Camp Jackson Dodds : Status: Closed. And just recently, too. There is a dearth of information on this on the web, other then a few mentions of the closing. I worked there for three great summers, and regret now having never gone back to visit while it was still a scout camp. Anyone with information or feedback on the camp closing is welcome to post information as a comment.

Note: The link above is to a Google(evil!)cached page on a site called Scoutdocs, which appears to be down. I'll try to update this post with more relevant links if I find any.


hey, my name is Thomas Bradley, or better known as "Kaa". I have worked at camp Jackson Dodds for 3 years now.My first summer as an Over-nighter in 2004, my second in 2005 as a lifeguard. That would be the last year of jackson dodds on lac Clouthier. The camp moved to camp tamaracouta on the other side of the lake this summer (2006) and i was a lifeguard again.Summer 2005 was tough because CJD is our little home, the staff the leaders and the kids. Taking down the camp was very difficult and emotionnal. Just before taking down the camp there was a big supper followed by a camp fire where the currect, old staff and leaders were invited (sorry you were'nt contacted) where we sang all the classic camp songs and peter "red dog",jon "chil", brad "hawkeye, jon "baggy and hathe played emotionnal versions of bob marley songs. Anyways you can write me back at kaa_cjd@hotmail.com and visit Jacksondodds.com .
Hello, My name is Graham Hussey, or better know as Jabaqui. I worked as staff for 2 summers (04/05) and was CIT/Temp staff for two year prior. The camp was more then just a location for me. It was truly a part of me. For those of you who never made it out there you truly missed out. When on staff You felt like family, everyone was welcome. When visiting you felt like a good friend. The closing of the cap was tragic but had been know of for years. It was brought on due to money constraints and quebec council's ideas on saving money. It had to be done, I don't disagree with that, but it went on a bad note and I don't think will ever be the same. I, being one of the staff who didn't return after its relocation, was not too interested in the new location since I felt like it was CJD and it wasn't a part of me. My true love for the camp went with the buildings and the trees that once housed and covered us from the 5 minute rain showers we all expeirienced at good old Camp Jackson Dodds. You can contact me at hussey_graham@hotmail.com. I'd love to talk with any ex or current staff.

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